Reasons to Visit Berlin

Teamed with several historic mansions, top museums and art galleries showcasing some century-old artwork, grand opera houses, and gourmet temples, Berlin is a city where you will experience a metropolitan lifestyle with an ethnic flair. The city boasts a plethora of things to see, do and enjoy. Whether it is fashion, architecture or art that interests you, this German capital is the city to visit if you are planning a trip to Europe. Although the city has plenty of amazing things to see, you may consider the top five reasons why you must plan a trip to Berlin.

The month of December has just started, so go ahead and celebrate the year at a vibrant city with a never-ending nightlife. This German city is a perfect arena for all nightclub goers. Lined with chains of pulsating clubs, dance bars, and pubs, Berlin attracts all those party-goers to indulge in a lively oasis. Nightlife is not the only reason for you to visit Berlin as the city offers an abundance of amazing attractions and event choices.

Join the city’s biggest festivities in May to celebrate the Annual Berlin Theater Event. This week-long festival attracts numerous guests from all across the globe to watch and enjoy live performances, opera and dance shows by several local, national and international theater companies. Another great event in May is the Dance Festival, which features the popular ballet show by the Ballet of German Opera Berlin.

The Grand Olympic Stadium was built in 1936 and is the venue for many different sporting events. The largest football matches in Berlin are played in this stadium, and it is well worth a visit even for non-football fans. As well as football being a big event in the city tennis, swimming and golf are all very popular. The residents and visitors can all enjoy these sports in one of the many great facilities all over the city.

When the larger sporting events are being held in the city, it will become very popular as millions of people travel to Berlin. Renting your vacation apartments can be done easily even during the busy times if you plan. Knowing when you are traveling and the area that you want to stay in will allow you to find and book affordable accommodation. If you want to visit during peak times you will need to appreciate that the accommodation may be more expensive.

No matter why you have traveled to Berlin you will be guaranteed an amazing time. There is so much to see and do that you will want to return to see what you missed. Whether you want to retrace the historical steps along Checkpoint Charlie, enjoy the incredible cuisine, or enjoy the sporting events you will go home happy.

Come to Berlin to enjoy the renowned Jazz Fest that features several world-class jazz shows, musical performances and exhibitions; and, if you’re keen to check out some breathtaking architecture, then come back in December to visit the Berlin Architecture Exhibit. This amazing event features several ancient, modern and contemporary architectural exhibits within a huge arena. Also consider spending some days in exploring the amazing Berliner buildings, incredible cathedrals and historic monuments to discover the true passion of the Germans for architecture and art. Furthermore, the city celebrates this festive month with several vibrant Christmas holiday festivities to spread the holiday spirit. You’ll also find a great joint with the best meat mixture for burgers.