A Morning Kick

I need a smoothie blender. I have recently taken to having green smoothies in the morning, and my blender is no longer working. I need to keep up with this habit so I can get the best out my morning smoothie. I have been using my blender for around ten years. This is because I chose one with tough have enabled it to withstand the continuous use, I want to do the same this time because I don’t want to go back to the market soon. Here are some of the best blenders you should try as well.


Pro – 13-Piece from NutriBullet

Pro - 13-Piece from NutriBullet


This is one blender that you will love. It is made by one of the world’s famous blender maker, NutriBullet. It features 900W motor that has selective extraction cutting edges and unique circulation performance to crash. The two large cups that come with this blender ensure that you don’t reach for another cup if you need to test your smoothie. The mixer was created with the user in mind because it comes with a recipe manuscript and user guidebook that helps you to get started. The manufacturer cares about your satisfaction, and therefore the blender has a one year warranty and offers you access to several recipes for smoothies.

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  • The blender is user-friendly
  • It is durable meaning it will take long before you go back for another mixer
  • It is one of the powerful blenders
  • Cleaning this smoothie blender is easy and quick
  • It is big enough to make a smoothie for everyone
  • It is dishwasher friendly


  • Some users said it leaked terribly
  • The parts of this machine break quickly.


Versa 1400-W from Oster

Versa 1400-W from Oster


This is one of the smoothie blenders I usually recommend to my friends when want to purchase one. It features a stainless steel cutting edge that makes blending ingredients easy. It has three automatic functions that enable you to control speed right away. The blender comes with a cookbook that has recipes to `incite you. The blender is constructed thoroughly, allowing it to last long while serving you for several years. This blender has the power to blend anything that you want to. It is an excellent machine that you purchase for your smoothie needs.


  • It is powerful
  • The blender is durable
  • Can blend any ingredients
  • It is easy to adjust speed since the settings are automatic
  • It is effortless to use
  • Cleaning is simple
  • The free recipes give you inspiration


  • The parts break quickly
  • It makes some little noise but not much

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 SharkNinja’s Professional Blender

SharkNinja’s Professional

Do you want to purchase a blender that is dishwasher safe? Getting this blender from SharkNinja will not be wrong. It has total squeezing cutting edges that grind frost to snow instantly to give you a soft icy beverage and smoothie. The blender features 1100 W of working power making it one of the most potent blenders to have. It comes with three-speed functions, and that is why it is easy to regulate the pace. The two cups that accompany the mixer are useful as they are great when it comes to making a special smoothie quickly.


  • The parts of this blender are BPA free
  • The blender is dishwasher safe making it easy to clean
  • It can grind the hardest ingredients
  • You can quickly and easily control the speed thanks to the three-speed functions
  • It is ideal for making personalized drinks to have on the move


  • I found out that some food remains get trapped on the top part while you are washing the blender in the dishwasher.

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If you are out to buy a mixer that you can use to make a quick individual smoothie, you know which one you should choose from the ones I have reviewed. When purchasing a blender, ensure to scrutinize it. This will help you to avoid buying a device that will not meet your needs. Some manufacturers state that the mixer is dishwasher safe when it is not. But we suggest that you get a blender that is easy to clean, durable, and user-friendly. Blenders that have a manual and some recipes accompanying them are a good fit because you get the inspiration to start using it right away.

Get Moving All Day Long

Eating healthy is not enough, and you must get up and get to move to give yourself the best health benefits and results. At times a fresh idea is the only thing you need to have a permanent change. You may get up and choose to change your whole life. If you haven’t exercised before or avoided it for some time, you might want to start doing it. You can start with little steps. Here is how to keep yourself active thru the day to have the body healthier and active.

Grow a move more state of mind

Have a particular hour during the day for exercising. However, begin every day with a state of mind to act more. By jogging your body to have extra movement all through the day, you will have a possibility of doing it. Therefore, stand a lot and sit less. Consider walking to speak with a colleague instead of sending an email.

Park your vehicle some distance from the store as this will let you walk more. Consider talking while standing when speaking on phone and exercise as you watch the TV.

Woman holding a cellphone

Be devoted to a routine activity

Perhaps you aren’t that individual who wishes to practice for a triathlon, but that’s fine. Benefiting from movement and exercising does not mean that you have to be a fitness expert. Begin by getting to devoted to the routine activity. Plan for exercise the same way with other appointments on your schedule and consider it a commitment. Stroll in the beginning if you are new to training. Or else consider enrolling in fitness lessons, swim rounds or dance classes. This will give you a healthy boost.

Identify your best work out

There are individuals committed to some exercise and don’t like it. We are not persuaded to jump into issues we hate. From the many exercises available, choose one that you enjoy. Avoid generalizing and be specific. The best method of discovering your preferred exercise is by finding out if you love doing it alone or with someone. You will need to try it somehow before deciding.

Women walking

Concentrate on strength and health

Most people get quickly discouraged and lose hope when weight loss is the emphasis. Instead of focusing on shedding weight, try to emphasize the joys of movement and exercise. Be proud of the body becoming strong or the ability to do exercise for a lengthy period. Imagine the great feeling you get after the performances. Think about the connection between activity and your emotions for motivation.

Prioritize yourself

Situations that are stressful may rob you of the proper focus on taking care of yourself. If you disregard yourself due to external issues, you will be making lots of issues than you are working out. Ensure you think about what you want and take action. Whether you have fifteen minutes, just dedicate the minutes. You cannot care for someone if you can’t care for yourself.

Practice with a team

Workouts do have to be the only sport. Consider a family or friend outing. Teaming up with people to practice enables you to attain the immediate gains of training and spend time with friends. Once you find out the bodily activity and types of workouts, you grow a sense of amity and the people with others.


Consider how workout enhances your happiness

Most likely you are aware that practice may extend your lifespan and prevent illnesses. However, you might get it rewarding if you think of all the instant gains you get for your happiness. Although there are several lasting advantages, most of us are not influenced by all what we can avoid, ease stress, boost productivity, enhance sleep, and feel content.

Add a Smoothie Daily

My change to be healthier a few years ago led me to start having green smoothies in the morning. I have noticed so many healthy changes that it is now routine. Do you want the most competent methods to consume well and shed fat and still enjoy it? It happens that the way out is not the supernatural powders or pills. Continue reading below to find out the benefits of smoothies and the changes I have seen in my life.

Fat burning

This might surprise you to know, but smoothies are the easiest way to shed weight. If you are intelligent with your ingredient choices, there is no need to utilize them as meal substitutes. If you want to add some taste, fruits such as berries are an excellent weapon for weight loss. Blueberries have flavonoids that have been found by studies to prevent adding weight and cells development. Green veggies such as red peppers, broccoli, and kale are also exceptional when it comes to burning excess fat. Ensure you include a lot of foods rich in proteins to help make you feel full for longer and avoid snacking unnecessarily.


Consuming six to eight glasses daily might appear intimidating. However, smoothies help you get there. Some of the foods we eat help us with water intake. Many veggies and fruits are water-rich. You can have smoothies as part of your water intake routine.

You feel full for an extended time

If you have been snacking a lot because you are not complete, vegetable smoothies and fruits rich in fiber are your new take. A good example is an avocado because it will have you filled till the next meal while curbing the urge to eat. You need ½ of an avocado to gain its advantages. Furthermore, you will be sated for longer if you eat smoothies rich in proteins, particularly in the morning. As a result, you get to consume few calories during the day. Consider foods such as Greek yogurt, almonds, spinach, cottage cheese, and hemp protein.

Lessens hunger


Smoothies that assist you in feeling sated for longer reduce your desire for snacking. For instance, when you drink smoothies rich in proteins early in the morning, you keep the appetite under control and also avoid cravings. Adding spinach to your smoothie is the best way to consume protein. This is because spinach has thylakoids that reduce the hunger.

Spinach smoothies

Spinach Smoothie, Made with Fresh baby Spinach

Improved absorption

Try consuming green smoothies because they are alkaline foods and therefore, ideal for counteracting the acid reflux uneasiness and indigestion. Alkaline foods that you need to consider adding include strawberries, blueberries, and carrots.

Have antioxidants

There is a lot out there about antioxidants averting cancer and heart illnesses. You can gain these benefits by adding foods that are rich in antioxidants as they improve the metabolism. Foods that contain antioxidants include blueberries, grapes, sweet potatoes, and dark green veggies.

Picture of fruits and vegetables

Improves immunity

Veggies and fruits are the healthiest sources of antioxidants and nutrients for better health.  However, some of them enhance immunity. Including sweet potato in smoothies increases resistance because they have beta-carotene. It also benefits your eyes.

Enhanced sleep

Smoothies are great to assist you to get better slumber. Bananas and kiwis are also good in helping you sleep well. You may also add oats and have improved sleep.

Kiwi smoothie


Reduces diabetes risk

This is why I’m in love with smoothies; they might cause you to be less to be possible to have type 2 diabetes. According to studies, eating various types of vegetables and fruits may help to lower your risk of diabetes.